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Erica Benedict
Owner and Principal Consultant

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Erica now lives and works in Austin. Her BBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Houston sparked her interest in the field. Following a decade of selling software, she moved to Austin where she started BMS Financial (BMS Books LLC) in 2017.

Along with crunching numbers, Erica enjoys playing the piano, kickboxing, and MMA training. Apart from traveling and hiking, she also enjoys working on home remodeling projects and gardening at home. She loves live music, especially jazz and blues, and is a true fan of Austin's music scene. As a self-described nerd and perpetual student, she's obsessed with sloths, music theory, psychology, and finance. Dedicated to community involvement, particularly in mental health, Erica is a board member and Treasurer for Scheib Center, a local nonprofit that provides mental health services. together. 

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